Yushh is a Bristol based DJ and producer with a penchant for crafting diverse and forward-thinking mixes that combine ambient, techno and electro, full of atmosphere and breaks that flow and blend with an enjoyable unpredictability. Her constant thirst for the weird and wonderful has given her an ability to move through genre, tempo and mood with style and ease. From the deep bass, drive and rhythm of UK techno to the clinical precision and atmosphere of futuristic electro, leftfied and the surreal, her sets have an energy that is difficult to define and impossible to ignore.

Having moved to Bristol in 2017, she has quickly established herself as one to watch with residencies on local radio stations Noods Radio and 10Twenty Radio and Bristol club night Eminent, as well as appearing on an increasing number of line-ups within Bristol and Cardiff’s highly competitive music scenes.

Not content with just DJing, she has taken the decision to leave work and commit full time to a music production degree in Bristol’s famous musical educational establishment BIMM (British & Irish Modern Music Institute). Her music, which she keeps close to herself and only shares with friends or in live performances, is an amalgamation of what you can expect to hear in her sets and so not easy to express or describe without making reference to some of her key influencers such as Skee Mask, Aphex Twin or Boards of Canada.

Turning over new leaves, this season is brought to us with Yushh's dubby, atmospheric, bass heavy journey through the more deeper and darker reflections of Spring. We bring you to the other side of the sun as we are proud to present one of Bristol's very own in this month's June Gloom mix. 


CST: Where are you from and where do you live now?

Y: I grew up in London but I’ve moved around quite a bit over the last ten years. Now I live in Bristol. I love the city and I have a lot of good friends and good people around me here so I don’t see myself moving for a while…

CST: Introvert or extrovert?

Y: I’d say I’m a little bit of both really. I can be quite introverted at times and sometimes a little socially awkward which can be frustrating in a music scene like Bristol’s that has a large community of promoters, DJs and other artists, but when I’m with the right people (or when I’ve had a few drinks!) I can really open up and start having fun. I suppose I’m lucky I have so many good friends around me in that respect, they definitely bring out the best in me!

CST: What’s your sign?

Y: Trill hands for life.

CST: Which is your favorite record shop?

Y: There are a lot of great record shops in London (I always visit Phonica and Sounds of the Universe in Soho when I’m about) but I have to give it to my local spot, Idle Hands, in Bristol. I’m so lucky that it’s a five minute walk from home and the selection on offer is great. They have an amazing selection of underground electronic music as well as lots of roots, reggae and dub and they support local artists, like Shanti Celeste and Kowton who have worked there, and labels with in-store shows.

It’s a really nice place to go and chat to likeminded people. Chris Farrell, the owner, and all the guys that work there have great knowledge and they’re always willing to supply a hot tip! They’ve also got a label under the same name which has released some really forward-thinking material over the last ten years, again featuring loads of local artists. Check it out!

CST: What parties/underground spaces did you go to when you first started partying?

Y: When I was 17 I went inter-railing with my College mates and we went to Dour Festival which was amazing. I got to experience so much new music with artists like DJ Shadow, Luke Vibert, Agoria on the line up, and although I didn’t fully appreciate the line up at the time, it’s had a lasting impact on me. After that, I went to a lot of parties in Birmingham when I was at university, a memorable one being Seedy Sonics, run by student DJs and, although a student night, was focused on underground music.

Since moving to Bristol I’ve experienced a lot more underground venues and generally prefer the more intimate nights now. Dirtytalk was one of the first parties I went to in Bristol. They’d hired a sex club in a towerblock towards the edge of the city with Jamie Tiller and Raphael Top-Secret playing all night long. I didn’t know anyone in Bristol at this point so went on my own, danced, met some great people, had a great night and decided Bristol was where I wanted to be.

CST: What is your morning ritual?

Y: I’m usually up pretty early, jump in the shower, a quick coffee, then take my dog for a walk. He’s still pretty young so if I want to get anything done in the day it’s best to wear him out early!

CST: What are your other interests besides djing?

Y: So I mentioned Bear, my dog, I love hanging out with him but my main other focus is music production. I did a little bit when I was a teenager but took it up again a couple of years ago and took the decision to stop working and to study music production full time at BIMM (British & Irish Modern Music Institute). Music has always been my number one passion and it’s great to be fully focused on something you love and be around people that feel the same as you, even if the music they like is totally different from your own tastes. I’ve made a lot of tracks, most of them are half finished ideas and arrangements, but I’m slowly starting to put some online. Watch this space!

CST: Biggest vice?


CST: Favorite part of the day?

Y: Sunrise (when I’m awake for it)

CST: Where is your favorite place to dance?

Y: There was a party in a basement in Old Market, Bristol, run by the Studio 89 crew. They put on such good parties and the venue was such a sweaty little rave cave! We got to hear everything down there – new wave, Italo, House, Techno, Electro, Gabber – almost always all in the course of the same night or even one DJ set. It was great!  Unfortunately, the venue can’t be used anymore because of developments in the surrounding buildings which is an issue promoters are having more and more in Bristol and the UK. It’s really sad, but we had some serious fun down there while we could!