We welcome you to the new year as we bring in 2K18 with our friends from Tokyo, Andry Adolphe and 5ive.  Andry co-runs conceptual street wear label, PHINGERIN, with Koba and Zoomie and also collects mixes from friends. 5ive's contributions in art and left field electronic and dance music, as half of COS/MES with Flatic, have inspired and influenced a generation of counterculture creative communities in Tokyo and beyond while gracing endless dance floors. 

Using field recordings from both day to day life and traveling on tours, and weaving in select tracks of the moment, we proudly present "One day by 5ive, Andry (Ear Diary), a peek into the lives of two friends sharing their daily rituals and the sounds that encapsulate their living experience. 


CST: Where are you from and where do you live now?

A: From Nagoya, live in Tokyo

5: From Tokushima, live in Tokyo

CST: What's your sign?

A: Pisces

5: Capricorn

CST: What's your favorite record shop?

A: Pigeon records

5: Diskunion, Lighthouse Records, Technique

CST: What is your morning ritual?

A:  Sleep till late and rush to work

5:  Coffee, cigarette, bath

CST: What is your dream lineup for a party and what would you name this party?

A: “Don’t sweat the revival” would be the party name but can’t decide with the guest … !

5: “Music Box Japan Tour” 

CST: What parties/underground spaces did you go to when you first started partying?

A: Club Mago, a long runned party in Nagoya & AUDI., by Sonic Weapon, Kool Kat and Jaguar P

5: Mixcrooffice (Office/Club space located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Later, they relocated and became Dommune. )

CST: What was the first record you ever bought?

A:  I think… Lee Perry “Return of the super ape” which I bought at Banana records, Nagoya.

5:  Brooklyn Slumlordz Presents Crooklyn Clan "Funky Relaxation"

CST: Where was the first party you ever went to?

A:  Capricorn, a party run by a local cosmic legend DJ Kaneda, who also owned a record store called “White House".

5:  Bop Gun which was organized around ’93 in my hometown club, Gumbo by longtime friend 40.

CST: Is there a concept or theme for this mix and if so, can you tell us about it a little bit more about it?


This was a sound collage-ish mix/audio diary drone which was inspired by a regular day. It starts out walking to the car, getting in, driving, listening to the radio, getting sleepy, arriving, walking around the town, going to a record shop, watching the news, going to a party, etc.

This mix plays between being very literally and abstract. The part we enjoyed most was mixing tracks we have in hand to the music inside the field recordings, enjoying the overlaps of sneaking in-and-out of the scenery.