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The fifth installment of our mix series brings in Christian Lindemann from Chemnitz, Germany.

Founder / Co-founder of the projects Geister and Kommune Wild, Christian's collection spans from ambient, cosmic, house, techno, wave, stoner, kraut-rock and the synthy sounds from the 80s.  A compilation of Christian's favorite records from this past year, we bring the house down with our last mix for 2017, losing ourselves for a moment as we revel in this beautiful and dark odyssey of shadows swaying through layers of smoke. 


CST: where are you from and where do you live now?

CL: I’m was born in Zwickau.

Now I'm living in Chemnitz.

Two Cities in Germany/Saxony.

CST: introvert or extrovert?

CL: Introvert

CST: whats your sign?

CL: mmh...difficult question

CST: what is your favorite record shop?

CL: Hardwax,, discogs

CST: what is your morning ritual?

CL: Taking a Shower, tea and an unhealthy snack

CST: what is your dream lineup for a party and what would you name this party?

CL: I can’t say it at the moment, there are to many good djs and live acts.

CST: What parties/underground spaces did you go to when you first started partying?

CL: Achtermai, Distillery, BPM Club

CST: what was the first record you ever bought?

CL: Members Of Mayday – We are Different (1994)

CST: where was the first party you ever went to?

CL: I can’t remember

CST: what are you reading right now?

CL: American Psycho from Brad Easto Ellis (because I love the movie, I saw it around 100x :D)

CST: what are your other interests besides djing?

CL: Music, Movies, Traveling and Sightseeing

CST: biggest vice?

CL: Where shall I start? ;)

CST: happiest moment?

CL: the moments with my family and friends

CST: favorite part of the day?

CL: morning

CST: do you collect anything else aside from records?

CL: Movies

CST: where is your favorite place to dance?

CL: I don’t have a favourite place.