Excited for this month as our second guest dj (and long time friend) comes from Brooklyn, NY by way of the quiet East Bay salt flats. J_G also known as Jay Goitia is a producer making up one half of the Ambient / Kraut group Goitia Deitz, among many other sonic projects. For this month, we have a beautiful textural set mixing obscure geothermal ethno ambient tracks taking us into some mystical hazy jungle.


CST: Where are you from and where do you live now?

JG: From the East Bay, CA. Currently living/working in Brooklyn NYC.

CST: Introvert or extrovert?

JG: Intro for the most part.

CST: Whats your sign?

JG: Leo ♌

CST: What's your favorite record shop?


IRL: diskunion

URL: om-ondas.com and discogs for the digital digging

CST: What is your morning ritual?

JG: My cat usually wakes me up really early to feed them lol.. then I check water levels of aquariums, water the plants, and hit the shower. Depending on the day, I might throw on a record to soundtrack this. On Sundays i take my time to cook something nice and definitely throw on some vibey morning tunes.

CST: What parties/underground spaces did you go to when you first started partying?

JG: Eklektic in SF. This one stands out as the most memorable and influential party for me. It was a weekly drum n bass party in the bay circa late 90s early 00s. I went pretty much every week and the vibe was unreal, never disappointed!

CST: What's the first record you ever bought?

JG: Super Duck Breaks

CST: What are your other interests besides djing?

JG: Aquascaping, obsolete technology + physical media, drawing, mahjong, old school JDM/bosozoku culture

CST: Do you collect anything else aside from records?

JG: Yup! just a few things i collect as well - CRT’s, arcade PCB’s, films that died on VHS/Laserdisc, cheap synths, anime cels..

CST: Is there a concept or theme for this mix and if so, can you tell us about it a little bit more about it?

JG: To be honest, I started out just playing some records that I was feeling at the moment, but as the mix went on - a theme started to become apparent that tied everything together. "Low Latitude" refers to areas near the equator, and the track selections seem to reflect this zone with a humid, ethno-ambient vibe.. at least for the most part