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Born and raised in the North East and recently transplanted to Los Angeles, Matt Brownell is also a visual artist, other projects include a recent collaboration entitled BODYWORKBODYWORK. Matt has been spinning disco, house and balearic for the last 20 years throughout underground Philly and NY roofs, his set reflects the sonic journeys he has traveled with a slow build up of worldly obscure ambient and balearic selections teleporting us to a tropical psychedelic underground hut party.


CST: Where are you from and where do you live now?

MB: Born-Philadelphia, PA, live-Los Angeles, CA

CST: Introvert or extrovert?

MB: Shy extrovert

CST: What's your sign?

MB: Aries

CST: What's your favorite record shop?


1) The Thing (brooklyn) for used-maybe this is a case of rose-colored glasses, but i still loved digging there even if i walked away with nothing

2) Pacific Beach Vinyl (san diego/ for new-probably the best selection of new dance/whatever music available stateside, and with top-notch customer service to boot. Can't recommend them enough!

CST: What is your morning ritual?

MB: On a work day, snooze until about 10 minutes before leaving time, throw on clothes, brush teeth, try not to forget anything. On an off day, wake up early, make coffee, and get to work in the studio!

CST: What is your dream lineup for a party and what would you name this party?

MB: A house party doing ones with all my buds, it would be called "Friendzone".

CST: What parties/underground spaces did you go to when you first started partying?

MB: "Alive" thrown by Columns Of Knowledge at the Hartford Civic Center, "Muni Cafe" in Hartford, "Asylum" in Springfield Ma, "Local 13" parties in Philadelphia, "Platinum" at Fluid in Philadelphia.

CST: What's the first record you ever bought?

MB: I bought lots of hardcore and punk records as a teen, but i'd be hard pressed to remember the first. I can say, though, the first house record i bought was Armand Van Helden "Flowerz"

CST: Where was the first party you ever went to?

MB: An all dnb party, at a venue i went to more than once and cannot recall the name, in Connecticut, summer '99

CST: What are you reading right now?

MB: "Quicksilver" by Neal Stephenson

CST: What are your other interests besides djing?

MB: Trying really hard to focus on music composition, making lots of art in various forms, going to the mall.

CST: Biggest vice?

MB: Bad food

CST: Happiest moment?

MB: When I met my #1

CST: Favorite part of the day?

MB: Early morning

CST: Do you collect anything else aside from records?

MB: Books and art

CST: Where is your favorite place to dance?

MB: Cedar room (Bushwick, NY) RIP, Joy (Bushwick, NY)

CST: Is there a concept or theme for this mix and if so, can you tell us about it a little bit more about it?

MB: I really tried to always have the aesthetic of CST in mind while picking out records and putting this mix together. it's meant to be my interpretation of the CST ethos