"Sextet/Six Marimbas" | Steve Reich on cassette

"Sextet/Six Marimbas" | Steve Reich on cassette


Steve Reich is an american composer and among one of the founders of minimalism in the 1960's alongside Terry Riley, Philip Glass and La Monte Young. 

Sextet was written for an ensemble for four percussionists and two keyboardists. The half hour piece was composed in 1984-1985 and broken into five movements.

Six Marimbas is the percussive adaptation of Six Pianos, a composition written by Reich in 1973.

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Genre: Contemporary, Post-Modern, Minimalism



1. 1st Movement 10:29

2. 2nd Movement 4:12

3. 3rd Movement 2:28

4. 4th Movement 3:15

5 5th Movement 5:48

Six Marimbas

6 Six Marimbas 16:19

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