Matcha Pastie Cocoon Dolman Sweater

Matcha Pastie Cocoon Dolman Sweater


Repurposed natural cotton boucle knit cocoon dolman sweater with tassel embellishments sewn in front. Hand dyed with indigo with turmeric overdye. 

One size fits all.

Length: 26"


Pigments used:

The turmeric plant, or Curcuma longa, is an herb closely related to ginger. It's cultivated in tropical climates across Asia for its rootstocks, which supply the flavor and pigment of the plant. The rootstocks — which grow underground, but are more of a stem than a true root — can be ground into a paste, or dried and ground into a powder. When used in dyeing, turmeric produces a yellow pigment.

The indigo dye comes from a leguminous plant of the Indigofera genus, of which over three hundred species have been identified. Only two species are named frequently in the commercial history of the dye, namely: indigofera tinctoria (native to India and Asia) and indigofera suffructiosa (native to South and Central America). Indigo plants have a single semi-wood stem, dark green leaves that are oval-shaped in most species, and clusters of red flowers that look like butterflies and turn into peapods. The plants can grow from two to six feet in height and the dye is obtained mainly from the leaves through a process of fermentation producing a strong rich blue.

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