Peachy Keen Wide Legs

Peachy Keen Wide Legs


High waisted cotton wide Leg. Elastic ribbed top of pant. Hand dyed with anatto seeds.

Size: S - L

Waist : up to 24" due to elastic waist.

Total length: 41"


Annatto comes from achiote shrub seeds, and is mainly used as a red food coloring. Produced in South America, achiote seeds have been used by tribes for centuries. It has many health benefits, which include reducing acid, killing bacteria, fighting free radicals, and lowering blood pressure. Traditionally, the crushed seeds of the achiote shrub are soaked in water. Ancient Mayans used it to color food. The Piura tribe makes a tea with it that is used topically to treat skin conditions. When used in dyeing, anatto seeds produce a wide range of peaches and oranges.

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