Umbra Wine Rack

Umbra Wine Rack


Ran Lerner designed Umbra Grapevine Acrylic Wine rack. 

15" h x 9" l x 4 3/4" w

Recyclable and shatter resistant pet acrylic wine rack.

About this product

"Most products are made of the same five or 10 types of plastics, and we pick from among them," Ran Lerner said. He chose a PET acrylic, even though it is relatively more expensive, because it is shatter-resistant and recyclable. Eco-conscious Lerner, also a design teacher at the Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology, uses just enough PET acrylic to form a rigid tower to hold six full bottles of wine. "Such material conservation also helps products from being over-designed," Lerner says.


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