"Walking Wounded" | Everything But The Girl on cassette

"Walking Wounded" | Everything But The Girl on cassette


British Indie Electronic pop duo's ninth studio release entitled Walking Wounded. Following their famed single, Missing with dance remix done by Todd Terry, this album takes on an experimental approach incorporating more electronic dance influences such as downtempo, breakbeat and drum and bass. Recorded in 1996.

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Genre: Electronica, trip hop, drum and bass, dream pop, house



1. Before Today 4:20

2. Wrong 4:36

3.  Single 4:39

4. The Heart Remains A Child 3:49

5. Walking Wounded 6:06

6. Flipside 4:34

7.  Big Deal 4:30

8. Mirrorball 3:27

9. Good Cop Bad Cop 4:56

10. Wrong (Todd Terry Remix) 4:43

11. Walking Wounded (Omni Trio Remix) 6:43

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